Heidi's House History

In the early eighties, as new parents, the balancing struggle began. Then, as now, our family always came first, with careers following. The dilemma between career and parenthood is one that faces many couples as well as single parents. The choice is at best difficult. However, it can be one of distress and compromise if you lack confidence in your childcare arrangement. It is critical to match personal values with those of your providers. My husband and I faced this situation together and found it to be one of the most difficult decisions that we’ve had to face. It was difficult for me to attend to the responsibilities of my teaching career without absolute confidence in my childcare provider. My husband and I can certainly appreciate the difficulty parents have selecting childcare. We have been there; we know.

In 1986, after three childcare providers, we decided to reevaluate our situation and determine what would be best for our family. The resulting decision was the cornerstone of our current business.

For two years I owned and operated a home childcare/nursery school in my home in Gorham. The success of the Little River School and Daycare made us realize that there was a real demand for quality childcare in Greater Portland, so we decided to open a full service center. After extensive analysis of the market and community needs, we chose Scarborough as the location in which to start Heidi's House Childcare Center. We opened in August of 1988. My husband and I operated the business together as a team at our Oak Hill location until 1997. We continued operating at that location until December 31, 2002.

On January 1, 2003, we relocated our business to 300 Enterprise Business Park, Scarborough, to a new state-of-the art childcare facility. Under the direction of Gowan Architects of Scarborough; my husband, Michael; and myself worked over a three-year period to design what we believe is the highest quality childcare facility in the state of Maine. Combining this facility with our already existing programming, Heidi's House has established a reputation as one of the premier childcare centers in Southern Maine. We attained our NAEYC accreditation on July 31, 2005 and currently operate as a fully accreditated center.