Infant-Toddler High/Scope Curriculum

Our Infant and Toddler Curriculums are based on the High/Scope Infant-Toddler Wheel of Learning. Children have consistent daily routines that include proper time for eating, sleeping, bodily care, outside play, choice time, and group time.

The physical environment of the classroom is engaging and purposeful with plenty of sensory-motor materials, different areas for play, and materials properly stored at the children’s level allowing them to choosing what they are interested in. Adult-Child interactions are warm and trusting. Teachers encourage children to try new things and support them with a problem solving approach to conflict or challenges. Teachers take daily anecdotal notes on children’s activities, specifically looking at the different areas of development around the High/Scope key experiences. These individual anecdotal notes combined with both individual and group goals are used to aide teachers in planning their weekly curriculum.

Children are formally assessed 2 to 3 times a year to help teachers chart their progress, assess their program, and continue to meet individual needs in the classroom. When the all of the above elements are in place, they support the process of an active learning environment that best meets the needs of our infants and toddlers.