Preschool High/Scope Curriculum

Our preschool curriculum is based on the High/Scope Wheel of Learning. Children participate in a consistent daily routine that incorporates both child-directed and teacher-directed activities. Children are able to make a plan every day, follow it through, and reflect on it with the “Plan-Do-Review” process. They also participate in both small and large group activities developed by their teachers to support their individual and group goals.

The individual and group goals are determined by the classroom teachers through their daily observations, daily and weekly planning, and assessments on both the individual children and the entire classroom 3 times a year. The observations and goals are governed by the High/Scope Preschool Key Experiences.

Teachers develop trusting and caring relationships with the children. They model problem solving techniques and support children in identifying and expressing their feelings in socially acceptable ways. Teaching children to be strong communicators and problem solvers is one of the most important ways in which we prepare them for kindergarten. The final piece of the wheel is the physical environment of the classroom. Teachers are very purposeful with how they design their classroom layout, the different learning centers, and the materials that are offered in them.

The goals in many of the centers include, but are not limited to, teaching cooperation skills, hand-eye coordination, language skills, team work, early math and logic skills, beginning reading skills, creative representation, and problem solving skills. When we combine the above elements together, we provide children with the tools needed to be active learners and to successfully enter kindergarten with confidence.