There were few things that made me feel more guilty as a new mother than placing my babies in "day care". Somehow I felt like a failure as a parent that I couldn't afford to stay at home with my children. Needless to say, it was extremely important to find someone to care for my children so that they would feel safe and loved and so that I, as a parent, could have peace of mind. My husband and I are very picky about who we would let watch our children.

Heidi's house came to the rescue. Heidi's house is 25 minutes south of my home, and it is an additional 20 minutes back up north to work. We place our children's health, safety, happiness and education in Heidi's house's hands NOT because of convenience, but because they are the best.

It is a great feeling when your children look forward to going to school, (for my husband and I do not refer to Heidi's house as a day care [where children simply are "watched" until their parents pick them up], but as a school, because they are constantly engaged and learning) and they are having so much fun that they are not dying to go home by the end of the day! Frequently, my kids will want me to stay and watch them play because they are not ready to leave! What a great feeling to not be panicked to get to your children at the end of the day because you know they are sad and missing you!

I am also happy to consider the teachers who care for my children my friends, for as I have grown to know their teachers from my daily interactions with them at school, it is evident that they are genuinely interested in the wellbeing and happiness of each of their students.

Some of the amazing benefits of Heidi's house are the constant stream of "extras" that they mold into their curriculum. My sons get to watch baby chicks hatch, care for tadpoles as they become frogs, and get to pet animals from the travelling zoo that visits their school. During all of this "play", they get lessons about the fun things that they participate in. They have regular "water play day" or "face painting day".

The ultimate message is that if I can not watch my children during the day while I am at work, I can not think of anyone that would do a better job than Heidi's House; GRANDPARENTS INCLUDED!

Elizabeth Johnson
Mother of two boys at Heidi's House

Heidi, ever since I moved here from California you continue to amaze me with everlasting warmth to everyone you interact with. Heidi's House has always been a safe, nonthreatening environment, that I have always felt welcome in. I hope to participate in the summer program for years to come!

You always inspire everyone with the fact that you built your business from the ground (started in your own home). Your love of children has blossomed into something truly amazing.

Anni Bolton
Afterschool child at Heidi's House Age 12

Dear Heidi,

It's been my pleasure to learn more about your wonderful place for the children. I enjoyed meeting you with Clem the other day. We've been arriving late. I mentioned it to Clem. He said "we're often late." I asked him what we could do to change that. His reply: We could live here...

Highest compliment, Heidi.

Clem's Grandma McD
Grandparent of child at Heidi's House
Dear Friends at Heidi's House

I am the Grandmother of Ellie and Thea Comstock.  I want you to know how much I admire and respect the programs my Grandchildren have attended at Heidi's House.  The classrooms are inviting and cheerful.  There are times for free play, group interaction and teacher led activities.  The guidelines for behavior are clear and consistent.  The program shows developmental insight and each child moves to another group as they are ready.  Congratulations on the extraordinary high marks you achieved on your NAEYC accreditation.

Thank you for the excellent early childhood opportunity you have made available to my Grandchildren.

Susan R. Comstock
Grandparent of two children at Heidi's House